On our clients second visit we ask them to complete a monitoring and evaluation form.

Here are some of the comments that we have received about the service provided:

“ I have been treated nicely. You are very kind. I did need some help”

“I am very grateful for the all the help they have provided. Thank you all.”

“ We are now feeling normal. Our children are doing well in their education and having advice plus socialization.”

“We hope this service will continue”

“We are eating a hot meal every night without worrying.”

“Stops me from feeling weak…and helps with confidence and I am more alert on a day to day basis”

“It has enabled me to eat regularly and not to go without some days”

“ Since using the Food Bank it has made me more aware of eating healthily. For example after tasting the delicious soup there, I have started making my own.”

“The attitude of the staff was incredible. Before coming I was ashamed and worried about being judged. I couldn’t have been more delighted with the welcome we received.”

“Without your food stuffs I would literally starve.”

“The helpers are genuinely empathic and caring and the soup is always delicious”